• Resistance Test Machine

The surface resistance meter uses precision spaced parallel bars positioned on the back for sensing surface resistivity.

  • measures both surface resistivity and resistance to ground
  • easy to use, no cable or probes to adjust
  • extended range of direct readings in ohms per square for surface resistivity measurement and in ohms for resistance to ground
  • Pocket size prtable meter


  • range: automatic from 103 Ohm/Square to 1012 Ohm/Square
  • display: LED's - one per decade and insulation
  • accuracy: within 10%
  • changeover point: 1/2 decade on a logarithmic scale (3.16 x 10n)
  • changeover point accuracy: plus or minus 1/2 decade
  • power: 9 volt battery (not included)
  • battery life: over 40 hours of continuous use
  • dimensions: 2.76" x 0.98" x 5.12" (70 x 25 x 130 mm)
  • weight: 6 ounces (170g)
  • UPC: 816353014713

Supplied with:

  • Carrying case with shoulder strap
  • Ground lead with alligator clip

For Surface Resistivity Readings:
Place the meter on the surface being tested and press the test button. If the 10^6 LED is illuminated, the surface being tested has a surface resistivity of 10^6 ohms per square or less. If the LED labeled insulative, is illuminated, the surface under test has a surface resistivity that is greater than 10^12 ohms per square. (Be sure the ground wire is not connected through the ground jack when taking surface resistivity measurements.)

For Resistance to Ground Readings:
Place the meter on the surface being tested. Connect the meter to a known ground through the ground jack. When the ground wire is connected through the ground jack, the meter will not measure surface resistivity. Press the center button and the illuminated LED will indicate the resistance 10^5 ohms or less. If the LED shows insulative ,the resistance to ground of the surface under test is greater than 10^12 ohms.

Resistance Test Machine

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